Sunday, April 1, 2012

C4K Summary for March

What I Did With Scouts: by Kai
Snowball fight

     In his blog post, Kai wrote about a scouting trip that he took for a weekend, with friends. He wrote about some of the activities that he was able to participate in over the weekend, including archery, bed time bingo, and a snow ball fight. Kai said that he was able to get an "arrow in the middle" during archery. It sounded, to me, like he quite a bit of fun on the trip.

     I left Kai a comment during the week of 3/19-3/25. I wrote that when I was younger, I enjoyed archery and told him that making a bull's-eye was "awesome." Then,  I asked Kai what made Bed Time Bingo different from traditional bingo. Finally, I wrote that it hadn't snowed in over 10 years and I wished it would snow here, in Mobile more often because I would love to be able have a snowball fight.

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