Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final Report on PLN

I've spent quite a bit of time building up my PLN this semester. One of the things I can across was this video, which gave new meaning to my PLN.

How do my life experiences make me a better teacher?
     Through EDM310 and many other education classes, I have developed and will continue to develop many friends and acquaintances who are education students, teachers and professors. Each of these people play a vital role in my PLN(personal learning network). These physical connections are tied into my online connections through blogging, twitter, email, commenting, and other things like these. For example, any friends or acquaintances that I've made in EDM310 have all of the above mentioned tools and I've probably communicated with them in at least one of those ways. I've also made connections online that are outside of school. I've been able to comment on many teacher's blogs and I've tweeted to some, as well. All of these experiences and the education classes that I have yet to take will hopefully make me a well-rounded and educated individual. I've really enjoyed learning about how to utilize technology in the classroom. I hope to bring this knowledge to my students and the demands of the modern-day classroom head on.

How do my relationships make me a better teacher?
     My relationships allow me to continue to learn and grow. Not only can I ask fellow students for their opinion, but I can go to professors and ask for help. Now, with my new-found knowledge of technology in the education field, I am able to ask a teacher, fellow student, or professor for help online. I also draw some of my creativity from seeing the wealth of ideas that other teachers have. It's truly wonderful to be able to see the hard work of a teacher in another country through the internet.

Now, here is most of my PLN:
my symbaloo
As you can see in the above photo, I have plenty of white spaces, but I think that the connections are made within most of these wonderful websites.

My PLN also includes:
Skype, Comments4Kids, Comments4Classmates, and Comments4Teachers. I will say that the blogs in the bottom right corner of the photo are mostly blogs that I've found through my C4T assignments.

I think PLN's are very important and I'm thrilled to have had them introduced to me. I plan to continue growing my PLN as I think it is an ongoing and ever-changing network that is never really complete.

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