Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post #12

Read the following articles and watch the video on the use of video games in the classroom. Do you think that video games should be used in the classroom? If you don't think that video games should be used in the classroom, explain your reasoning 2 or more paragraphs. If yes, pick a video game that fits into your specialty( Elementary Ed, History, Physical Ed, etc.) and write about the possible uses for the game in your future classroom. Should you be an expert on the game before using it in your classroom or should you allow your students to be the experts as you and they play the game and learn. 

1.The Games Show(The first page is black)
2.Wii Love Learning: Using Gaming Technology to Engage Students
3.Becoming Lore Keepers
4.Using Video Games in the Classroom(video)

     Yes, I definitely think that video games can be used to supplement learning in the classroom. I don't think that my students should play only video games in class, but I can see the many uses that they have in making learning more accessible and interesting for students.

     The video game the I have chosen to write about is called Zoo Tycoon 2. In Zoo Tycoon 2, students are responsible for building up a zoo, managing its finances, hiring employees.  Each student has an unlimited amount of money, but they have limited space. The student must built the proper habitat for the proper animal. For example, a zebra must live in the savannah. Students are also required provide food and drink stands for visitors to the zoo. This game can be used to help my future students learn about animals and their habitats, responsibility, and money management.

     I think that because I will be teaching Elementary age students, I will need to know the intricacies of the game, inside and out. I'm sure that I will be asked many questions and I need to be able to know how to answer them from the beginning. If there is a child that knows how to play the game very well, then I'll be glad to ask for additional advice or allow him/her to help someone who is having trouble.

Note: I really enjoyed this assignment. Thank you for the opportunity to design my own assignment.


  1. Eleanor,
    I really enjoyed your post. I think you did a wonderful job at creating an assignment. I found your second and last link the most informative and interesting. I too think video games should be used throughout the classroom. In Using Video Games in the Classroom many interesting points and games were brought to my attention.

    I think that the game you chose Zoo Tycoon 2 would be an incredible game to play with the children. Not only could you use it for. habitats,responsibility, and money management, but also for scientific names and possibly animal kingdoms, etc.

    Good job on this post. Keep up the good work! One more week to go!

  2. Eleanor,

    This is a very interesting idea. I agree video games could be tailored to fit students and really benefit them in the classroom.