Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blog Post #8


This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2 by Richard Miller

     In the above videos, Dr. Miller makes the point that as a society, we are not yet set- up to allow for a different  kind of composition. This new kind of composition would take us from using computers and word processors to new realms, in which the web can be used to compose. Dr. Miller suggests that it isn't enough for us to simply add film and sound to existing text documents. He says that we need to embrace an entirely new process- wherein we can have YouTube or another website/program as a way to create a composition. I was stuck by Dr. Miller's point that it can take month's to publish a book or only minutes to publish a YouTube video. Dr. Miller's does seem to realize just how difficult it will be to completely change the way a society thinks and composes. However, he insists that these new forms of composition are beautiful, compelling, and "fundamentally different." He believes that they will allow us to combine science with the humanities. He ends his second video with these words: "We can do this. We should do this. Thank you."

     I really enjoyed watching Dr. Miller's videos. He made some wonderful points. Firstly, I agree that we can completely change the way composition is done. However, I think that this change will come about through time and that we don't need to giving it a helping hand. We are currently in a day and age, where we are told that newspapers are disappearing and that everything is moving online. Thus, I do not think that the day where word processors are a thing of the past is very far behind. It would be very nice to be able to create something and be able to fully emphasize what you want noticed. I've found it very difficult to do that when using only word processors.

     While I am eager to see the new technology available and the exciting new ways to express ourselves that will appear in conjuction; I do wonder if I'm completely ready for the change. I will admit that I dislike only being able to use bold, underline, italics, and strikethrough in a post. I feel like there should be something more. I do think that film allows a greater range, but I am eager to see the possibilities. I'm sure that I'll find many wonderful things to embrace.

     I think that by the time I'm the sole teacher to a classroom of students, the technology will be there to allow my students to write using multimedia. I know that some of it is already available, as students are able to create videos on Youtube and flash files, etc. I'm sure that my students will embrace such interesting and new ways to compose. I look forward to being able to introduce them to these.

Blog Post #12 by Carly Pugh

     I think that Carly gets very close to Dr. Millers hopes for multimedia, but in a different way. Carly seems to suggest that we fully embrace the technology that we already have to fully engage our students. I do not mean to say that Carly is not for the advancement of multimedia for the purposes of writing, but I did not read anything about the future of technology in her blog post.  She writes that "Visuals are a great help, in my opinion." I am a visual learner, so I can easily see the benefits of having the videos and other materials supplement a classroom.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 For Dummies

I think that the underlying message of each of the above videos was to make sure that you really give EDM 310 a shot because it in turn gives you so many wonderful tools and skills. Some videos that I would like to create include: a Green Screen tutorial and inspirational video to encourage those in EDM 310 to keep going so they can see the reward of their labors.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn 

     I'm 100% behind the message of this video. I think schools do need to end standardized testing and quit looking for the right or wrong answer. I'm for collaboration and working together. How can a school be like a factory? These are our children and our future, not packed goods. I think that sometimes we forget how important every child is to our future and just how much difference one person can make. One of the women in the video makes the point that children learn everywhere. Let's create a school that teaches children how to learn, not just teaches them material.

 Scavenger Hunt 2.0

     I created a teacher profile on Edmodo. I must say that I was very happily surprised by the possibilities Edmodo provides on their website. I could have my future students create an account and assign them work through the website. It seems that the website also allows for me to group my students into groups, thus, separating different classes. I can even create polls and quizzes for my students through Edmodo.

     Prezi has a great deal on pricing for students and teachers. They have two options for you, if you provide a .edu email address. The first option allows you to make your prezi's private, gives you 500 MB of storage space, provides help within 24 hours(1 business day), and allows you to use your own logo. This first option is call Edu Enjoy and is completely free. The second option is called Edu Pro. It costs $59 dollars a year after a 30 free trial. The only differences between this second option and the first are 2GB of storage and the ability to use Prezi Desktop for offline editing.

     Animoto is a fun website that allows you to create videos. It is designed to analyze your photos, music, and any video clips you may have, then it creates a custom video based on these files. This means that you spend less time worrying about what your video will look like and more time preparing to speak about it and or find content for it. If you are an educator, Animoto will allow you to apply for a free Animoto Plus account. There a quite a few options for uploading videos when using Animoto; videos can be uploaded to Myspace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, or using the iPhone app created by Animoto. 


  1. Hey Eleanor:)
    I really enjoyed reading your responses and opinions on each video or blog post. You seem to really grasp the concept of each thing being mentioned and create your own opinions and statements concerning the topics. I think in the Scavenger Hunt 2.0 you may have missed a few steps. I know we were suppose to create a poll and a comic strip and I don't see yours. I just wanted to point that out to you. Besides that your post was great.

  2. Hey Joy,
    Thank you for the kind words and the advice.
    I hadn't realized that I had forgotten to do a third item on the Scavenger Hunt. It's been fixed.

    Thank you,

  3. ..."that we don't need to giving it a helping hand." Oh my. You are a lot more confident abut this than I am! However, you may be correct. The new iBooks will move us rapidly in that direction and iBooksAuthor is very easy to use. In the fall semester the Lab Assistants and I (and probably the 5th graders in the iPad projects at Elsanor and St. Elmo will have created at least two books of the type (actually more advanced) that Dr. Miller envisions. Maybe you will be right!

    I think Carly's post was the best example of Dr. Miller's hope for vision that has yet been done by a student. You seemed to have breezed right through it.

    Did you watch all of The Chipper Series? there is a lot more to it than you discussed. A LOT more!

    "Let's create a school that teaches children how to learn, not just teaches them material." That's my goal! At least one of them!