Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Update On My PLN: Project #10

My personal PLN(Personal Learning Network) has greatly expanded this semester. Below are some of the tools that I am using to expand my PLN.

Here are the things that I have begun using that I had never used before this class:


I am very excited about having these two tools under my belt, as I can foresee being able to learn from many wonderful people around the world.

I wish I could say that I have received a comment back from a teacher or a kid that I have left a comment for, but I have not.

I've have used in the past and am expanding my (professional) use of:

Google Docs

As the name PLN suggests, each of these tools has allowed me a greater ability to network with people around the world.

I ended up losing half an hour the other day, because I was on Twitter reading some tweets between Mr. William Chamberlain and one of his colleagues. They were having a conversation about whether or not students should be assigned homework. I ended up learning a great deal.

I am eager to continue broadening my PLN and to keep the L firmly within it.

Professional Learning Network

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