Sunday, February 12, 2012

C4T #1

A Journey in TEFL
by: Ms. Eva Buyuksimeyan

Digital Learning

     I read Ms. Buyuksimeyan's blog post on Reported Speech. She wrote that she was on break, but needed to make sure that everything was planned ahead. Ms. Buyuksimeyan had quite a few creative and interesting ways to teach Reported Speech to her students. Among the suggestions that she made were to have her students play a game like telephone, which she called Chinese Whisper. She also had the idea to ask her students to secretly pass notes to each other about a given situation, and report what the conversation when asked to stop.

     I left a comment for Ms. Buyuksimeyan's explaining that I had never heard of Reported Speech before I read her post. I told her that I had looked it up and was it anything like indirect speech? I asked if Reported Speech was unique to the country the she lived in. I wrote that I really liked her idea for of having student's pass notes to each other. I told  Ms. Buyuksimeyan that I was commenting for this class and that I would be posting a summary post on the 12th of February. I also left the link to my class blog, the class blog, and my twitter.

     The second post I read on Ms. Buyuksimeyan's blog was on her post entitled, EVO, Digitalstorytelling4kids and the tool of the week. She wrote about a class that she was able to take online which was called Digitalstorytelling4kids. In the class that she took Ms. Buyuksimeyan said that she learned how to create Google Search Stories videos. She listed a few great ideas for using these videos in the classroom. Her ideas included, "as a way to introduce a topic" and to "To summarise the story they've read."

    I left a comment on Ms. Buyuksimeyan second blog post saying that I enjoyed reading her post and that the course she took looked very interesting. I also wrote that I thought using Google Search Stories in the classroom was a great idea. I asked if she thought these videos could be used to help with vocabulary. I also let Ms. Buyuksimeyan know that I would be posting a summary post of my comments on her blog.

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